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Patios often serve as a place to gather with friends or relax on your own. Here are five easy ways to improve the ambiance of your patio.

Tip #1—Get rid of patio pests: Patios are fun, but pests are never good. Pinecones serve as a great way to deter creatures like chipmunks that like to dig and make a mess. Chances are your plants will enjoy having pinecones in their growing containers because they acidify the soil. Bold, beautiful showstopper plants like azaleas and rhododendrons will burst with color amid pine cones, too.

Tip #2– Rejuvenate your dilapidated patio with color. Try painting flower containers in colors that are bold, bright, and modern. You might also consider mimicking the appearance of upscale stone patios with just a bit of paint and some concrete stamps. A coat of concrete stain will give your old concrete a fresh new look.

Tip #3—Refurbish your patio furniture: Make old, worn out furniture pieces look new with a coat of spray paint. Spray paint comes in a variety of colors and finishes. It can also be purchased in formulas suitable for metal, wood, and even plastic. If you need to replace some of your furniture, choose sturdy materials that can resist dampness and intense sunlight.

Tip #4—Add some lighting: Outdoor lighting works wonders for night time ambiance. Lanterns and lamps can be used to brighten up tables and dark corners. Stringing lights across the patio also adds a nice touch. Bold lights, such as ones shaped like trees and topiaries are also popular. To conserve energy, use solar powered products or energy-efficient bulbs.

Tip #5—Add a fire pit: A fire pit or fire table makes a warm, welcoming place for you and your guests to gather on cool evenings well into the fall. You can purchase one at your favorite retailer or make one yourself with flagstone slabs and rocks. Always be sure to research your municipalities fire code and ordinances as they pertain to the use of fire pits beforehand.

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