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Did you just get the keys to your new home? Feeling overwhelmed by the to do list that seems to be never ending? Take a few minutes to read over our new homeowners checklist; by breaking down your to do list you will most likely save yourself a few headaches.  

Before Moving In: 

Research local utilities; gas, electric, garbage; internet/tv research their policies, does someone over the age of 18 need to be present for them to install or turn on these utilities. Also check if there are any local tax credits for using energy efficient utilities.  

Get you home professionally inspected; this will allow you to know your home is safe to start moving your stuff into, this may feel like a useless step in the moment but you will be thankful you did it just in case they find something wrong with your house. 

Sign your homeowners insurance policy; making sure that your homeowners insurance is coming for you the moment you have those keys. This will protect you God forbid in case something happen as you are moving in.  

Once you are in your house: 

Label all main utility lines; this will help if something is every wrong you know right where to look.  

Test heating & cooling units; this is important incase either need to be serviced prior to you moving it, no one wants a hot or cold house as they are moving in.  

Test washer & dryer units, as well as stoves and ovens; this is important because these are considered large appliances and if one or both is not in working order it could cause issues with the whole house.  

Install your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors; in most homes these are required for your homeowners insurance to be valid as this is a safety concern when they are not in working order.  

 Check all outlets & light switch covers; this could be a fire starter, so making sure they are up to code and in working order is important for your safety.  

 Change all of your important addresses to your new address; including USPS, IRS, Banks, Family & Friends. 

 Update your license and registration; sometimes you might get fined if this information is not updated in a timely manner.   

 Cosmetic checks; jiggle door handles, test out faucets & toilets, walk the perimeter of your property and check for dead trees, broken fences, or other potential hazards, fix holes in the drywall, clean out all vents and air ducts, check crawl spaces.  

 Safety Tips:  Develop a family escape plan, put together a first aid kit that everyone has access too, look into local security systems.  

Are you still overwhelmed? Take each of these suggestions as they come, it will take time to make your home feel like home, but checking off this checklist will help you stay on track and not miss something important.  

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