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How would you feel if you came home after a long, hot summer day, only to find the air conditioner has stopped working? And, then, to be on a waiting list, as the repairman made his rounds to all the other people who also are waiting? Guessing it would make you a bit hot under the collar, wouldn’t it? (pun intended) Preventive maintenance in the springtime is a much better option… Plan ahead and Enjoy your summer! 


Benefits of Having an Annual Air Conditioning Tune-up 

Spring is the perfect time to have your air conditioning unit checked out… That way you can be sure your system is ready when you are! While there are many things you can do yourself, there are still other things it’s best to call in the professionals for. To see what they are, feel free to reference one of our previous articles:  

Besides coming home to a cool house when it’s super humid outside, here’s some other benefits to maintaining your air conditioning unit: 

  • Prevention truly is the best medicine for keeping you cool. Scheduling your annual maintenance check is your first step!  You want your air conditioning unit to be in peak condition for the summer season. Plus, ongoing and preventative maintenance help contribute to the longevity of your unit.   
  • Increase efficiency of your system. You not only want your air conditioning unit to work, but you want it to be as efficient as possible. Regular maintenance will ensure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency as you keep your home cool and comfortable. Plus, it saves you money by helping you avoid some of those mid-summer repairs and it lowers your electric bill.  
  • Improve the performance. Remember last summer when you noticed that the air coming out of the vents wasn’t quite as cool or blowing as strong as you would’ve liked it to? An annual maintenance check in the spring helps your air conditioning system provide a better cooling output throughout the humid summer months.  You can schedule your tune-up here!  

So, what can you expect from your technician during an annual air conditioning maintenance check?  Following are three things your technician will do and why: 

  • Clean the coils. Your technician will clean the evaporator and condenser air coils, because dirty coils can decrease the ability of your HVAC system to cool your home. Dirty coils can also cause it to work harder while raising energy costs. 
  • Inspect blower components. Your tech will also adjust and clean the blower component to ensure there is proper airflow throughout your home. Proper airflow also helps with the efficiency of your system; it can run up to 15% less efficient if there is something blocking the airflow; remember that dust, pollen and pet dander in the air are the enemy of an efficient A/C unit. 
  • Check refrigerant levels. Finally, your tech will check and adjust the refrigerant levels, because too much or too little refrigerant is another sign that your system is running inefficiently, as well as lowering the lifespan of your system. You surely don’t want to have to replace your air conditioning system before its time, do you? 

Allowing an HVAC professional to perform annual maintenance on your system helps to prevent potential problems before they arise. Which in turn, helps make sure your family stays happy and comfortable during the summer months. Spring is a great time to schedule this maintenance, as it’s just before you’ll need it the most!  

Are you ready to schedule this spring’s annual maintenance check? If you are in the Cleveland area, feel free to schedule yours herecontact us via email , or give us a call at 216-663-6462. We thank you for considering us! Without you, we wouldn’t be here!