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Before we know it, the warm summer weather will be here and our air conditioning systems will be working hard to keep our homes cool and comfortable. Spring is the perfect time of year to perform some routine maintenance on your HVAC system to make sure it will be running in optimal condition when we need it most – on those muggy, hot, long summer days.   

a clean air filter means clean air in your home

Keep Your HVAC System Healthy this Spring 

While some spring maintenance tasks can be handled on your own, others are best left to the professionals. Not only do you want to avoid your HVAC system breaking down during the summer, but you also want to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. Let’s discuss all the things you can do this spring to get your system ready for the hot months ahead. 

DIY Spring HVAC Tune-Up Tasks  

Here’s what you can do on your own to get your HVAC system ready for summer: 

  • Replace the filter. Your furnace filter should be changed often; it’s recommended to swap it out once a month, since a dirty filter will make your system work that much harder to properly heat or cool your home. 
  • Clear away debris. On the outside unit, clear away any leaves, sticks, dirt and other debris that may have collected around it throughout the winter. The compressor in your air conditioning unit requires proper air flow to work as efficiently as possible, so make sure shrubbery or trees are at least three feet away. 
  • Check for wear and tear. After the unit is cleaned off, inspect it for any damage like dents, cracks, leaks, etc. If anything appears to be broken, make a note of it to discuss with a professional heating and cooling company. 
  • Install a programmable thermostat. If you aren’t already using a programmable thermostat, there’s no time like the present to install one and get ready to start reaping the benefits, which include lower utility bills and more overall home comfort. 

Professional Spring HVAC Tune-Up  

Of course, calling the professionals to do your spring HVAC tune-up is actually an even better idea. An HVAC company knows exactly what to look for, plus will perform routine maintenance to ensure your system is running as properly and as efficiently as possible. Plus, by booking maintenance in the spring, you can avoid the rush in the summer as people are calling frantically when their systems have broken down. 

A heating and cooling company will perform inspections that can identify major problems before they occur. They’ll check all the components and thermostat, tighten electrical connections, lubricate motors and bearings, and observe the controls to make sure everything is running as it should. Basically, the professional tune-up will help you avoid any unwanted and unexpected issues and costs with your system. 

Ready to schedule spring maintenance on your HVAC system? If you’re in the greater Cleveland area, contact our team of professionals today! Or, give us a call at 216-663-6462.