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home comfort tipsThroughout a long, bitter winter, everyone looks forward to coming home to a cozy house, cuddling up on the couch with a snuggly blanket and some hot tea. We want our homes to be comfortable and warm, especially since we’ll be spending so much time inside during these colder months. However, sometimes, we need to take a few extra steps to ensure our home comfort levels are as we expect them to be.

Home Comfort Tips to Keep You Cozy

Don’t let a chilly home get you down this winter! Instead of layering on extra sweaters and blankets, here are a few things you can do to provide optimal comfort inside:

Schedule a furnace maintenance check. If you haven’t scheduled an annual furnace maintenance check, now is the perfect time to do so. Having a professional come over to check all the components and controls, repair any damaged parts, and make sure everything is running as efficiently as it should will help decrease the chances of your furnace breaking during the next big blizzard.

Install a programmable thermostat. One of the main benefits of a programmable thermostat is the fact that it can improve home comfort levels. How? Well, a programmable thermostat allows for a consistent temperature throughout the house, plus it can work with your family’s schedule. Set it to warm up the home at least an hour before you’re returning from work or school so the house is as cozy as can be when you arrive. As an added bonus, since your furnace will only be running when you need it to, you’ll save money on your utility bills, too!

Check your insulation. Head up into the attic and inspect your insulation. Homes tend to lose the most heat through the ceiling of the top floor, so if your insulation is old and thin, it’s definitely time to replace it. Keep in mind that insulation should be at least six to seven inches thick.

Seek out drafty areas. Take note of cold air seeping through your doors or windows. If necessary, add new or replace the current weather stripping to help keep the cool air outside and the warm air inside. Check for drafty or leaky ductwork, too, and plug up leaks with adhesive; a house that uses central air conditioning can lose about 20% of the air as is moves through the ducts.

Get your ducts cleaned. Along with checking for leaky ducts, you could also consider getting your ducts professionally cleaned. Why? Well, clean ducts mean better air circulation, and you’ll want warm air to be circulating properly in the winter. Plus, you’ll also reduce some of the contaminants that can get blown through your home.

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