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heat pump problemsA heat pump is a mechanical or electrical device that moves heat from one area and transfers it to another. Because heat energy is always present, even in cold weather, a heat pump will extract this energy and transfer it inside. Likewise, when it’s warm outside, a heat pump will reverse direction, removing warm air from your home. Since it moves heat instead of generates it and is powered by electricity instead of fuel, a heat pump can be an energy efficient solution for your home.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Like any system in your home, it’s not unusual to experience heat pump problems from time to time. In some cases, knowing some basic heat pump troubleshooting steps can alleviate the need to call in the professionals. Of course, when in doubt, you should never hesitate to contact a top notch professional company like Efficient Heating and Cooling!

Here are three of the most common heat pump problems and what you can do to try to resolve them on your own:

Heat pump isn’t turning on.

If the heat pump fails to turn on, there’s most likely a problem with the thermostat or the unit receiving the power. Check the electrical panel and any other connections that supply power to the unit; it’s possible that the circuit breaker simply needs to be reset. If you notice issues like frayed wires, professional help may be needed to replace them.

Heat pump is running constantly.

Throughout a cold, bitter winter, it might seem like your heat pump never shuts off. However, keep in mind that heat pumps do run longer and put out less heat than a typical furnace. Still, if the weather isn’t that frigid and the heat pump is still running nonstop, it could be caused by an issue like leaking refrigerant, a frozen outdoor unit, a dirty system, etc. These types of heat pump problems will need to be resolved by a professional.

Heat pump isn’t sufficiently heating the home.

If the fan is running but the air coming out of the vents still feels cool, try setting the thermostat to emergency heat to see if that warms it up. If that works, there could be a problem with the outside unit. If it doesn’t help, the issue could lie with the thermostat or air handler. Or, it’s possible that your air ducts are dirty and have become blocked, which isn’t allowing the heat to properly transfer from one place to another. You should also check to make sure your thermostat isn’t set to air conditioning and that the outside unit isn’t iced over. If neither of these are the issue, the system may be experiencing problems with the valves, refrigerant charge, or compressor.

Troubleshooting heat pump problems can be slightly tricky, and if you’re experiencing repeated issues it’s time to call for service.

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