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We’ve already experienced some winter weather here in Cleveland, and there’s sure to be more on the way. As November comes to an end, this is probably your last chance to make sure your home is winter-ready. Use our handy checklist to ensure everything is complete so you’re not surprised by any damage or repairs when spring rolls around.

winterize your home to stay comfortable in the cold monthsPrep your heating system. Forced-air furnaces and boiler systems need periodic maintenance. Make sure your system is ready for the heavy lifting it will do this winter by scheduling a check-up with a reputable heating professional.

Protect your air conditioning unit. Snow and ice can cause damage to your outdoor unit. Tidy-up around the unit by removing and debris, and protect the unit with a sheet of plywood held in place with a few bricks.

Prep your humidifier. Make sure the drain line for your whole-house humidifier is clean.

Clean your fireplace and chimney. This is another task best left to a professional, but if you are planning to delight your holiday guests with a crackling fire, it’s a must! Remember that a sturdy screen will keep sparks from flying into your living room.

Disconnect outdoor hoses. You don’t want to be tripping over broken hoses come spring! Disconnect and store your hoses, and turn-off the water to any outdoor faucets.

Check for air leaks. Caulk and weather-stripping ages over time, and will eventually need some attention. If you’re looking to save money on heating costs this winter, check for air leaks around windows and doors.

Clean gutters and check your roof. While it’s still warm outside, clean out leaves and other debris from your gutters – be careful if you have a two-story home! While you’re up there, give the roof a quick inspection as well. If it’s starting to age, it’s smart to keep tabs on how quickly you might need to replace it.

Swap your summer tools for winter tools. It’s time to put away the lawn mower, rake and other summer tools. Store everything according to the manufactures specifications. Get your snow shovels and snow blower ready for worst that Mother Nature can throw at us.

Prep for a snowstorm. Now is a good time to mark your driveway and sidewalks…before the first snow storm! Also make sure you have salt handy in case you need to put some down on sidewalks and pathways.

Check outdoor lighting. Make sure all your outdoor lights are functioning correctly and make adjustments (as needed) if they are on timers. If you think it might be time to replace light bulbs, do it now before the snow flurries start flying!

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