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air conditioner tripping circuit breakerSummer in northeast Ohio is hot, sticky and let’s face it, there are some days that are just downright uncomfortable. You can cool down by jumping in a pool or spending a day at Lake Erie, or you can head to your favorite ice cream shop for a few of your favorite scoops. However, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a cool, refreshing home after a long day out in the sun.

Central air conditioning is many homeowners’ saving grace this season, but sometimes you might notice that the air blowing out of the vents doesn’t quite seem as cool as it could be. On these hot, humid days, this can be a real issue in keeping your family comfortable inside.

The Top Reasons Your Central A/C isn’t Cooling Your Home

If you’re dealing with lukewarm or even hot air coming out of your vents this summer, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot on your own before seeking professional air conditioning services. These include:

  1. Check your air filter. A dirty air filter is often the culprit for a variety of issues with your central air conditioning, including blowing lukewarm air from the vents. This is because when the filter is clogged with dirt, dust, pet dander, etc. less air passes through the system. Your central air is actually working just fine, however, there’s so little air getting back into your home that it feels warmer than it is. A simple fix is to replace the air filter; in fact, set a reminder to replace it every month to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible.
  2. Check the vents. Take a walk around your home and inspect the return vents – those metal vents that suck air in, not the supply vents that blow cool air. The return vents should be totally clear of any type of obstruction, including curtains and furniture. If they’re blocked, they will take in less air which can weaken the output from the supply vents.
  3. Check your thermostat. Perhaps someone inadvertently changed the settings on the thermostat, or maybe it was never set correctly in the first place. Take a look at your thermostat, specifically checking the fan settings. If the fan is set in the “on” position, it will just run constantly, even when the air is not being cooled. Switch it to the “auto” position so it will run only when the air conditioning kicks on.
  4. Check the outside unit. Another DIY fix is to inspect the outside unit, also called the condenser, which dissipates the heat from inside your home. If it’s dirty or cluttered with debris like leaves and sticks, it’s time to give it a gentle cleaning. Spray the unit down with a garden hose on a low setting, and make sure to get rid of any weeds growing around it, too.

If you’ve inspected all of the above and there aren’t any major issues, it’s time to call in the professionals. It could be that the condenser motor fan is faulty or broken altogether and in need of repair or replacing. Or, it could be that the refrigerant is leaking. Refrigerant is the liquid that absorbs the heat from the air, and if it is low, the A/C unit cannot absorb enough heat to properly cool the air. The compressor, which circulates refrigerant between the inside and outside unit, could also be damaged or need replacing.

If you have any questions about how to ensure your central air conditioning is working at full capacity, the team at Efficient Heating and Cooling is ready to help! If you’re in the greater Cleveland area, contact our team today! Or, give us a call at 216-663-6462.