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fall home maintenanceAfter a long, hot, and muggy summer, it’s time to welcome in the cooler weather and vibrant colors of the fall season. While it may still be a while before the snow starts to fall, while the temperatures are still warm there’s no time like the present to do a little fall home maintenance. This way, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be fully prepared for the arrival of that cold weather that is inevitably on its way to northeast Ohio.

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Start these fall home maintenance tasks now, and you’ll be ready to kick back with some hot cocoa on the couch on those frigid days. Here’s are five easy tips to get your home properly prepped for fall and beyond:

  1. Schedule your annual furnace maintenance check. Fall and winter are some of the busiest seasons for HVAC companies, and the last thing you want on a chilly autumn day is for your furnace to be on the fritz. You may call for service only to find out you’re on a list a mile long, and a technician can’t come for several days. Beat the rush and call now to schedule annual maintenance on your furnace to ensure it’s in great shape for the cold months ahead.
  2. Clean up the landscaping. Did you know that fall is actually the best time to reseed your lawn? It’s true – the roots actually grow deeper in the fall to prepare for winter. Additionally, you should prune your trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth in the springtime, and watch for any tree limbs that are getting too close to power lines or your roof.
  3. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are key to your and your family’s safety throughout the entire year, and you can use the changing of the seasons as a reminder to make sure they’re in good working order. Swap out the old batteries for fresh ones regularly so there’s never any doubt that they’re in perfect condition.
  4. Seal up drafty doors and windows. Save some money on your energy bills this fall by making sure you’re preventing drafts from causing your furnace to work that much harder. Install weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors to seal the warm air inside and keep the cold air outside. You should also replace your screen door with the storm door before the cold weather hits.
  5. Check the gutters and downspouts. Neglecting your gutters can not only cause them to rot, but they also may end up the perfect spot for critters to nest throughout the winter. Clean out any leaves and debris clogging up the gutters and downspouts, and make sure the support brackets are securely in place.

The professional, highly-qualified team at Efficient Heating and Cooling is ready to help with any of your HVAC needs this fall and beyond! If you’re in the greater Cleveland area, contact our team today to schedule your annual furnace maintenance! Or, give us a call at 216-663-6462.